My sister, Miss Adele, and I are littermates, born January 2, 2007.  We are originally from Prairie du ChienWI.  We came to live at the “House of OPCA” May 19, 2007.  We were a “sale gone bad” where somebody said they wanted us and after 4 ½ months had never come to take us home.

Our breeder had just named Miss Adele “Macy” when Momma heard about us.   The breeder brought us to Milwaukee to meet Momma and Dad but told Momma that if she was only going to take one dog it couldn’t be “the white one” because she would breed “the white one.”  Momma saw that we were very skinny and undernourished with our ribs sticking out.  And then, the Grand Master of Poodles appeared, and let out a thunderous, almost deafening, bark at us.  Well… we stopped all nonsense right away and sat down immediately while he came over and inspected and sniffed us.  Then, he turned to Momma, wagged his tail and let out an unbelievable series of high pitched whines.  We didn’t know it at the time, but apparently this was Morris code for “I’ll raise them both.”


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