You might know my official name as “Elita” – but my signature is (m.e.)… short for “Miss Elita”  – plus I like the look of it.  Of French and Latin origin, Elita means “The Little Winged One” or “The Chosen One.”  Momma named me Elita because I am very fast, have better torque than a Brett Favre pass, and can run pattern laps in the back & side yards without ever damaging a plant.  I also jump up and down from just my hind legs repetitively when I’m excited to see my humans – especially the ROCKSTAR human that comes around once a day to take my sister (Adele) and (m.e.) on a woods adventure.   Oh, those woods adventures are SO MUCH FUN!  Once we almost caught a deer!  I am very energetic, quick as a whip, bouncy, an all out ball chasing, and rambunctious standard poodle dog.

I also have a few nick-names:

  • “Baby-girl” – because I’m the smallest in the family
  • “Monkey” – which I refuse to elaborate on the grounds it may incriminate me
  • “Boston Blackie” – a reference to a fictional character who was a jewel thief and safe-cracker.  This is because someone has smeared my reputation and caused my parents to believe I am a thief; so now I am always suspected when there is evidence a daring robbery has been committed.

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