House of OPCA / Old Poodle Consulting & Associates

Today’s Miss Elita (m.e.) News!: It’s Called An INTERVENTION!!!!

It called an INTERVENTION!!!!!!! HELLO! I am… I ammm…. I ammm… just GOING to HAVE to meet with them and explain… explain… EVERYTHING I know about that fraudulent, whirling dervish, chaos promoting, Faker-than-Tammy-Faye-Fake alien-dust-moppy thing!!! I must… I must… I must… let them know… like I KNOW… that charlatan can NOT be trusted!!! I’m thinking… I’m thinking… I’m thinking… I ought to supervise this matter entirely!!! That fraudulent fakester is NOT to BE TRUSTED!!!! HELLO!!!!!

~ gotta think this through some more…


Do you SEE? That alien-dust-moppy thing is ALWAYS buttzinkying in on MY FUN!!!

News Update from WISCONSIN PET CARE:

“WISCONSIN PET CARE is honored to be taking care of the Old Poodle Consulting & Associates Spoos…..all three beauties are rescues….

Want to make a difference. Head on over to OPCA and rescue a poodle in need. This magnificent organizaton works tirelessly on finding poodles that are displaced and on death row to rescue groups and fosters. Please support them!”

~ via Miss Elita and WISCONSIN PET CARE.


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