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Today’s Miss Elita (m.e.) News!: Et tu, Brute?!!!!

I heard it! I heard it! I HEARD IT!!! I heard it with my very own SUPER SONIC ears!!!! There is NO QUESTION about what was whispered!!!! The alien expert handler said… said… said… that SHE and the Huger than HUGE whirling dervish swindling con-artist and DECEIVER of DECEIVERS alien-dust-moppy thing are “BEST BUDS“!!!! Say WHAT???? Nooooooo!!!!! The alien expert handler CAN’T be FOOLED!!!!! HELLO!!!!!! Et tu, Brute?

~ gotta think this through some more

Miss Elita (m.e.) Super Sonic Ears!

via Miss Elita.


One thought on “Today’s Miss Elita (m.e.) News!: Et tu, Brute?!!!!

  1. Oh dear Miss Elita, please don’t fret! I am so very very certain that you misheard the Alien Dust Moppie’s Expert Trainer! She wasn’t saying “best buds,” she was really saying “best SPUDS.” She was simply thinking about the wonder potatoes she had last night, just dripping with butter, and maybe even mashed with a garlic clove or two. Not a thing to worry about, see?

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