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Today’s Miss Elita (m.e.) News!: Wowza! Lil JOE is CIRCLING!!

Oh dear, oh MY!!!! This is what I know: Lil JOE has caught the ancient SANTA CLAUS disorientation… and … and… and… on account of this particular disorientation, his head is.. is… is …well his head is tilting “strangely” … and he is walking in CIRCLES… and acting like the whole wide world is backwards and upside down!!!! This is so VERY NOT COOL!!!! I mean how can you keep a good lookout for SANTA CLAUS (or other impostors or intruders!!!) if your head is tilted and you are walking in circles??? MORE IMPORTANTLY how do you keep a squirrels eye out in 24/7 surveillance on that… that…that… BIGGEST masquerader of all …deceiver of deceivers… swindler of con artists… that alien-dust-moppy-thing when your head is tilting strangely and the whole wide world seems backwards and forwards??? Or you are walking in circles??? HELLO!!!! YOU CAN’T!!!!! And that is SUPER serious to (m.e.)!!!


Lil JOE narrowly escaped death from NY AC&C’s TBD list… and now needs an MRI. Please click on Lil JOE’s photo to HELP Poodle Rescue of Vermont get him his MRI team wish!

Lil JOE – a very nearly close relative of mine – that escaped the evil NYACC mobsters – NEEDS Super Extraordinary Equipment to examine and diagnose the source of these potential alien invaders in Lil JOE!!! So my FRIENDS – yeah I’ve got FRIENDS in super HIGH places and with IMPORTANT titles…. Well my FRIENDS in super high places and with IMPORTANT titles at  Poodle Rescue of Vermont are calling in the special forces… the MRI Team! Yep! And in case you are not in the biz of knowing… like I am in the biz of knowing… the special forces MRI team are supper COOL and magnificent!!! That MRI team can go where no other tactical team can go!

So… here’s the deal… MY FRIENDS… in… in… in… super HIGH places and with IMPORTANT titles…. Well they are gonna NEED some sweet potato $$$ because the MRI squad – as superb and stupendous as they are – well … well… well… they don’t do NOTHING FOR FREE!!! Can you believe it? Not even for my very nearly close relative that narrowly escaped the evil NYACC mobsters had it not been for my FRIENDS in super HIGH places and with IMPORTANT titles!!! Say WHAT???

So, I am asking… for HELP… like I *sometimes* am asking…. from ALL 46 of my fans – including the ones who listen to (m.e.) – and also even those who have had their brain washed and don’t BELIEVE that HUGE whirling dervish alien-dust-moppy thing that has gotten to be so GOOD at pretending to be a SP puppy is really a FRAUD…. I am asking for ALL of yours HELP for (m.e.) for Lil JOE – a very nearly close relative of mine! PLEASE consider giving my FRIENDS in super HIGH places and with IMPORTANT titles over at Poodle Rescue of Vermont a sweet potato treat donation or maybe even HALF a sweet potato treat donation to HELP Lil JOE!!  You can just read their plea below and they will tell you all about the situation!!!

And as I mentioned the word “deal”… if you tell my FRIENDS at Poodle Rescue of Vermont that OPCA sent you… you will get a VERY NICE GIFT from OPCA – that even features (m.e.)!!! So PLEASE RUSH right over… on account of… on account of… on account of… Lil JOE NEEDS to stop circling as imagining the world is backwards and upside down!!!

~ gotta think this through some more…

Poodle Rescue of Vermont needs financial support for Lil Joe!

Lil Joe has taken a turn for the worse. He had been doing so well, but yesterday started acting disoriented again, tilting his head strangely, walking in circles, and acting like the world was backwards and upside down! We rushed Lil Joe to Dr. Hadden, and consulted with Dr. Dani at Peak Veterinary Referral Center. They both suspect brain lesions or a tumor, and recommended we take Lil Joe to Boston to get an MRI!

PRVT rescued Lil Joe from his last day on the euthanasia list at a Manhattan shelter shortly before Thanksgiving, and flew him to Vermont. With your support, we made a commitment to care for Lil Joe and provide him with medical care and a loving home. But unfortunately, with all of the dogs we\’ve rescued recently, we do not have the funds for an MRI. We are currently estimating the cost to be between $2000-3000.

Please make a donation at to help us get Lil Joe this test and a diagnosis. We cannot treat him any further without it, and cannot have the test done until we raise the money for it. Thank you for your help!!

via Miss Elita.


4 thoughts on “Today’s Miss Elita (m.e.) News!: Wowza! Lil JOE is CIRCLING!!

  1. Hi Miss Elita, your efforts in getting me to donate were superb, and worked! As you know, Miss Elita, we have plenty or our own needy little poodles right here in Oklahoma, but I like other rescue groups to know they are not alone and we are all in this together! Thanks, Miss Elita.

    • Oh, Oh, Oh!!!!!!! Miss Cindy!!! YOU are so NICE and KIND!!! And I Know… like I ALWAYS know… that OOPS has LOTS of needs – for my very nearly close relatives – too!!! So, that of EXTRAORDINARY KINDNESS that you helped Lil JOE. OPCA is gonna send you a gift to say THANK YOU for helping out Lil JOE… and it even features (m.e.)!!!

      PS: Did you see??? Those two guys at Midwest shelter that OOPS wanted help for them…. they were ADOPTED!!! ADOPTED!!!ADOPTED!!! Momma had called the shelter…. and… and… when she was talkin’… like she ALWAYS talks when calling a shelter or some lost dogs family… a family was THERE and… and… and… they were out with THESE two boys – very nearly close relatives of mine – and LIKING them VERY MUCH!!!! So… so… so… Momma told the shelter man (she said his name was Jason… name just like a former employee of hers once at the newspaper company where she was in charge of some things important to the newspaper) well… anyways… Momma told that man Jason, she would call him again the next day… and he LAUGHED and said “alright”… and …. and… and… so next she called and THESE two boys – very nearly close relatives of mine – were ADOPTED!!! This is what I want to know: Miss Cindy, what do you think they are gonna get for Christmas???? Tell (m.e.)!!!???

      • Miss Elita, I am very, very certain that I know what they are getting for Christmas this year, I think their Christmas present is that they were adopted!!! One of our OOPS volunteers that lives close to the Midwest City shelter also called to check on them, in fact, she thought that if they were still around, she could go get them to foster and that her husband would NEVER notice two extra poodles in the house! I’m not so sure of this, but I was glad to hear she was going to give it a try!
        OOPS has been lucky in that we’ve gotten two really good volunteers now in the OKC area, the rest of us are here in Tulsa which is about a 100 mile drive from there.
        Thanks for caring about these little boys, Miss Elita, and I am so glad this story has a happy ending, but I am sad that someone could dump two little old boys at the shelter right before the holidays. It’s just not right. But we will fight on, won’t we Miss Elita, for all of your relatives everywhere they may be when they need help!

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