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Today’s Miss Elita (m.e.) News ALERT! Mammary Tumor Poodle on NY TBD List!

SAY WHAT??!!!!???? Holy Moly!!!!!! CODE RED! CODE RED! SOS! SOS! HELP! That’s EXACTLY What I’m saying!!! No time! After only ONE day this almost near relative of mine is on some kinda list… a very BAD list… the kinda list YOU never want to be on kinda list!! A list even WORSE than being on my ALIEN surveillance list!!! And this is NO ALIEN!!! But after only ONE day it ended up on some kinda “To Be Destroyed” list… and.. and… and.. HOLY MOLY! Shelby is younger than (m.e.)!!! She’s… she’s… younger than ALL of US!!!!! I’m giving up a gazillion-million sweet potato treats to help MOMMA get this gal outa danger!!! PLEASE if you can help with just ONE sweet potato treat for the ONE day she was given (on accounta she has a mammary tumor) I’ll… I’ll… I’ll even give up ONE day of alien-dust-moppy thing surveillance! Tell EVERYBODY! Tell EVERYBODY OPCA sent you on account of (m.e.)!!!! Please!


I’m a silver purebred miniature poodle and I’m stuck in this horrible shelter. My owners dumped me off claiming “no time” but it’s probably because I have a mammary tumor. I’m sure it’s benign but they couldn’t be bothered. I’m only 5 and I really don’t belong here. Please contact everyone you know in NY and any and all poodle rescues.


My Animal ID # is A0981175

I’m at the NY Animal Control Center in Brooklyn Center, NY

I am to TO BE DESTROYED on 10/7/13

SHELBY.  My Animal ID # is A0981175

Please click on photo to see original thread post.

Brooklyn Center

My name is SHELBY. My Animal ID # is A0981175.

I am a female gray poodle min mix. The shelter thinks I am about 5 YEARS old.

I came in the shelter as a OWNER SUR on 10/05/2013 from NY 11233, owner surrender reason stated was NO TIME.


10/05/2013 Exam Type INITIAL – Medical Rating is 4 NC – SEVERE CONDITIONS NOT CONTAGIOUS, Behavior Rating is NONE, Weight 14.6 LBS.

scan negative Female Bright alert and hydrated Hard mammary gland tumor seen very friendly moderate dental tartar and gingivitis walking well nosf

~via OPCA Shelter Network Alliance.


One thought on “Today’s Miss Elita (m.e.) News ALERT! Mammary Tumor Poodle on NY TBD List!

  1. Miss Elita, I sure hope she made it out of there, and please don’t tell me if she didn’t. If you ever see that any of your kinfolk seem to be in trouble like that way down here in Oklahoma, you be sure to let me know! My buddies and I volunteer with Oklahoma Orphaned Poodle Services (OOPS for short) and we’ll be sure they land on their paws and with a good forever home.

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