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Today’s Miss Elita (m.e.) News!: The Grand Master of Poodles…

I just want to say somethin’… this guy… this guy… I KNEW this old guy!!!! He is the GRAND MASTER of POODLES and the “Old” in Old Poodle Consulting & Associates!!! And I KNEW him… in fact… in fact… in fact… he RAISED (m.e.)!!!! How COOL is that??? I used to box him! I used to maneuver and tease him… I used to .. I used to.. I used fake him with the right and then SWAT him with the left!! He was way SUPER COOL beyond any imagins… in fact.. in fact.. in fact I was THERE when this pic was taken!!! How COOL is that??? Like, WAY Cool!!!!

…. wow… he was my BFF … ya know? the GRAND MASTER of POODLES was my BFF…

© Bob Prohaska, All Ears Pet Photography - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 1164674915_dsc_7411

General Hugo by Bob Prohaska, All Ears Photography – ALL Rights Reserved

Do you HEAR me you whirling dervish alien-dust-moppy thing… you charlatan? The GRAND MASTER of POODLES was my BFF!!!! HELLO!!! So I KNOW… like I ALWAYS know… what a true 100% Standard Poodle is and it is NOT you… you faker, you fraudulent impostor!!!! I KNOW you are sham… a counterfeit bogus FAKE pretending… still… pretending to be a SP puppy!!!!! I will NOT be fooled! I will NOT have my brain washed by your charade… HELLO!!!!


“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination” …with Poodles that Face the Wind!!

via Miss Elita.


3 thoughts on “Today’s Miss Elita (m.e.) News!: The Grand Master of Poodles…

  1. Miss Elita, your BFF is a very handsome fellow, and I can certainly understand your allegiance to the noble guy. However, I’d like to give you a little advice I’ve learned here in a cubicle. I work with a number of “young un’s” that I probably think of as fondly as you do the alien dust mop. Of course, you and I know that we both know much more than any alien dust mop or young un’ probably ever will, but we probably need to cut them a little slack once in awhile, they will most likely be the ones caring for us some day in our old age!
    Also, Miss Elita, I notice your use of the past tense when you spoke of your BFF, I hope this doesn’t mean what I think it does.

    • Oh Dear Miss Cindy! Thank YOU so much for your wise advice. I will do my VERY best to try to remember it… but… but… but… sometimes it’s so darn difficult to remember stuff when I have to to keep a 24/7 squirrel’s eye out on the HUGE alien-dust-moppy thing!!!!

      (*sigh*) It’s more sad than I can say… but the Grand Master of Poodles… the General…my BFF… left the House of OPCA on April 30th 2010… on account of… on account of… he had a BFF he was missing. He told (m.e.) he had been stickin’ around to train and raise (m.e.) and mys sister, Miss Adele… but we were all set and it was him time to retire and spend the rest of eternity with his very best friend, the Bud-Man (aka boodramma-ramma-boodrama… but don’t as (m.e.) why…). MOMMA says she guesses it was fitting that General Hugo chose to leave our home to be with his friend on the very same day that the Bud-Man left his home to come with the General… idk… but what I DO know is the Grand Master of Poodles taught (m.e.) EVERYTHING – including lifting my leg to communicate things on trees and bushes and stuff… he told (m.e.)… he told (m.e.)… he told (m.e.) lifting your leg is about believing in yourself, feeling confident in your decisions and GENDER EQUALITY!!!

      … And the alien-dust-moppy thing does NOT lift its leg!!! FURTHER PROOF it is a SP puppy IMPOSTER!

  2. Oh my, Miss Elita, this is what I was afraid happened to the General. I know he has plenty of my dear old BFFs to hang out with there in eternity too.
    It was good that he taught you so well and that you are able to carry on his traditions. He taught you how GOOD you smell, and how important it is for you to share your wonderful smell with the world. I am certain that your smell has caused many dogs to pause, sniff, and say to themselves, “ah, the beautiful Miss Elita has been here.”
    Could it be that Alien Dust Moppy Thing needs to be told to share his smell with the world, as you were taught, and that in fact he isn’t an imposter? Of course, this just pure conjecture on my part, you could certainly be correct that he is an imposter. I just have to wonder, though, if you may have been watching too many Swiffer commercials on television.

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