House of OPCA

Today’s Miss Elita (m.e.) News: It’s a WACKAMOLE!!!!!!!!

This is what I know:  That even HUGER alien-dust-moppy thing is like a WHACKAMOLE!!!!  Just when the evidence is overwhelming that it is gone – like FOREVER – from the House of OPCA it pops right back up!!!  It’s VEXING!!!!  I had just reported that the alien-dust-moppy thing had been swooped up WAY EARLY one morning, whisked off to unknown lands, and taken away to the outer space alien dust mop jail (probably for pretending to be a SP puppy here on earth)!!! It was !!! And now IT”S BACK!!!!  Like a WHACKAMOLE!!!!  Say What???

Alien Dust Moppy Head Transmittor!And… and… and… it’s worse than EVER!!!!  It looks SCARY!!!  It can’t even muster a semblance of a SP puppy fake-out anymore!!  I mean, HELLO!!! It is SO obvious!!  Its ugly alien prickly gray skin is showing through!  It’s got real Frankenstein style GHOULISH kinda stuff on it…. like the “V” kinda stuff!!! Ghastly, black , railroad track stuff sticking out!!!   AND its now got an alien telecommunicator antenna attached to its head!!!!  Say WHAT??? HELLO!!!! Its GOTTA be reporting back to the MOTHERSHIP with that thing!!!!  PLUS… I heard… ‘cuz I keep a squirrels eye surveillance on this alien-dust-moppy thing… I heard… its got a chip!!!  HELLO!!!!  I’ll say!!!  Heck Yeah its got a chip… as in chip on its imaginary shoulders pretending all this time to be a real 100% pure SP puppy… trying to fake everybody out with its “fit-in” ways and charlatan SP puppy behaviors.  No MORE!!!!  NOBODY is going to be taken in by your phony bogus act anymore!!!  ‘Come on!!!  Alien-dust-moppy thing: Your counterfeit days are done!!!!


One thought on “Today’s Miss Elita (m.e.) News: It’s a WACKAMOLE!!!!!!!!

  1. Ohhh m.e. it sounds like you are having a terrible day with the dust moppy alien thing. It’s good that you are very alert to what’s going on with her and keep up the surveillance. I imagine Miss Adele was happy to see her walk through the door .

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