House of OPCA / The "alien-dust-moppy thing"!!!

Today’s Miss Elita (m.e.) News: Attempted Bribery!!

This is what I know:  I may have mentioned that I have 100% confirmation that the HUGE wriggling-alien-dust-moppy thing is in a delusional state of Alien Psychosis and imagining itself to a true purebred SP puppy (and thus entitled to all the rights conveyed therein of a true 100% purebred SP puppy).  Today, on the eve of the OPCA Poodle Consultants Summit, I have discovered that the alien dust moppy’s  psychotic meltdown is even worse than previously documented…  as in… it has undergone a COMPLETE break from reality!!  There is no question as it tried to “friend” (m.e.)!!  Say WHAT???!!!  Hello!!!  NO – alien dust moppy drop up!!!  I am NOT going to accept your “friend” request!!  And so, that’s precisely what I communicated to it!!  And then… and then… this afternoon… it approached (m.e.)… as in… a sort of tête-à-tête. 

Alien Bribery!!And then it happened!!!  It attempted to BRIBE (m.e.)!!!  Say WHAT???!!!  I know!!! It’s pure insanity!  It attempted to BRIBE (m.e.) by bringing (m.e.) toys…  one right after another when I showed no interest what-so-ever… as in… as in.. HELLO!!!

Alien dust moppy:  you delusional-psychotic-wriggling-whirling-dervish-dust-moppy-school-drop out, you CANNOT BRIBE (m.e.) and you definitely CANNOT BRIBE (m.e.) by bringing (m.e.) what you consider an exotic collection of super kool Poodle toys never before seen by (m.e.)!!!!  HELLO!!!  Those are all MY TOYS!!!!!!!!

More later…


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