House of OPCA / The "alien-dust-moppy thing"!!!

Today’s Miss Elita (m.e.) News: Alien Psychosis!!!

Alien Moppy BreakdownThis is what I know:  I have very serious and troubling concerns!!  It is quite evident to (m.e.) that the HUGE wriggling-alien-dust-moppy thing is in the midst of a complete psychotic breakdown… and is starting to believe its own fakery… as in… as in… it’s starting believe it really is a true SP puppy!!!  It has starting prancing when called, and then leaps into a sit right in front of Momma after prancing in when called! It is showing off all manner of Poodle SWAT Training like down, heel, stay, place, upstairs, wait, and even has started demonstrating the “Poodle Counter Surf Slide” and the “Poodle Window Surveillance Back Stand”!  It tugs at Miss Adele’s ears just like a SP puppy, and now commandeers a sweet spot on the sofa – pillows and all – instead of being content on the floor.  To be true, the tugging of Miss Adele’s ears does amuse (m.e.) and also to be true I have been known to enjoy sharing in the salmon treats spillage from the alien’s successful “Poodle Counter Surf Slide.

At first I thought, “This is galling mockery!!” but now I am 100% convinced the alien dust moppy thing is swirling in delusional psychosis!!!  My validation of the HUGE wriggling-alien-dust-moppy thing’s detachment from reality occurred on the very same day I happened to lose sight of it for a few hours.  It had given me the slip way early in the morning… and when it returned back to the House of OPCA… it… it … it was wearing the EXACT SAME fur coat styling as Miss Adele and (m.e.)!!!!  Say WHAT????  Hello!!!  Now it was even looking like a SP puppy, after behaving like a SP puppy, and so now it’s gotten to thinking it is a SP puppy!!!!  Definite confirmation of a psychotic break!!!

What’s next?  A rhinestone collar???

More later…


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