House of OPCA / The "alien-dust-moppy thing"!!!

Today’s Miss Elita (m.e.) News: It’s Only A Matter Of Time!

This is what I know:  The alien-whirling-dervish-dust-moppy-thing is falling apart!!  It’s true!  It’s losing pieces of itself on nearly a daily basis.  So, I’m thinking… I’m thinking… I’m thinking it’s only a matter of time before the whole alien dust moppy thing disintegrates and disappears!  That’s what I’m thinking!  You see, almost every day for the last few days… little bits of the alien dust moppy thing are being discovered… like in its house or on the carpet… or bathroom… just about anywhere!  Pretty soon… it’s just going to lose all its elements and just vanish!!! Like a vapor or something!!!
Alien Dust Mop!

I’m thinking it’s GOTTA be getting old or something and that’s why it’s losing parts of itself… excepting it hasn’t lost any of that moppy it has all over.  I’ve alerted Miss Adele to the situation and she’s intrigued by this new phenomenon and inspecting all the little hard white bits.  I’m thinking that she’s thinking these hard white bits might pose a security threat… like maybe they are tactical alien covert surveillance… like spying on the House of OPCA!!!   Momma has noticed this state of affairs with the alien dust moppy thing falling to pieces too!  And she’s been picking up its fragments and putting them in a jar… like they are some kind of hard white rock candy.  Hello!!!   Those are not yummy rock candies to showoff in a jar!!  Those are alien particles that are watching our every move and if we don’t get them out of the House of OPCA, the HUGE alien-whirling-dervish-dust-moppy-thing might figure out a way to put itself back together and continue its abominable pretense of being a SP puppy!!!

Gotta think this through some more…


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