House of OPCA / The "alien-dust-moppy thing"!!!

Today’s Miss Elita (m.e.) News: It’s All in The Evidence!!!

FRAUD in the House of OPCA!

This is what I know:  The HUGE wriggling, non-stop, alien dervish dust moppy thing continues its outlandish charade… hoping to further trick unsuspecting souls into believing it’s a SP puppy.  I have stayed vigilant! I have remained on SWAT Poodle Alert… and I have… I have… on account of steadfast surveillances on the wriggling – alien – dust – moppy – thing… I have spied incontrovertible evidence that the alien dust moppy thing is a FRAUD!!  Perhaps I mentioned already that it dropped its chicken jerky treat in the water bowl… right in front of (m.e.).  So then it knew… it knew that I knew it was a FAKE!!!  Hello!!!  So, it’s been trying to keep out of my sight lines… thinking that maybe somehow I would forget (Say WHAT???) that it is really a HUGE alien dust moppy thing pretending to be a SP puppy.  Hello!!! Don’t think so!!!

So… yesterday… I put it on my highest priority surveillance and spied on it from the garden window while it was outside play-acting all things POODLE and chasing a tennis ball… and then it happened!!  It didn’t think I was shadowing it with my keen eyes… but I was… and then it happened!!  And I saw it!  It ran and ran and ran all over… in a frantic whirl!!!  It was in a state of panic… on account of… It LOST the tennis ball in the snow!!  Oh Whoa-sa!!! Whoopsie!!!  Gottcha!!!  Now to just find a way to reverse–brainwash all those innocents that believe the alien dust moppy thing is a true SP puppy!

Gotta think this through some more…


One thought on “Today’s Miss Elita (m.e.) News: It’s All in The Evidence!!!

  1. Dear Miss Elita I can understand your predicament because when she was first brought home she was a hairy matted mess that did look like an alien. Now you see her all poodley and pretty. Just keep watching her to make sure she doesn’t turn back to the dusty moppy alien thing.

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