House of OPCA / The "alien-dust-moppy thing"!!!

Today’s Miss Elita (m.e.) News: Can’t Out-Smart (m.e.)!!!

This is what I know:  The HUGE 23 lb alien dust moppy thing is becoming veryvery clever!!  It has fooled lots of people into believing it’s a POODLE!  It’s become quite adept at moving about the House of OPCA as if it were a genuine SP puppy… it now runs up and down the stairs effortlessly with a wagging high tail and it challenged Miss Adele to a Poodle boxing match.  It no longer howls at night from its house… and it shows off bounding through the snow pretending to be Poodle snow zoomie!!  The alien dust mop even feigns a bark or two at the postal delivery and bolts like crazy after being given a sweet potato treat.  It has taken its sham so far as to fake Poodle dreams during its sleep!!

The Impostor

To be true, the alien dust moppy thing has become so proficient in its charade as to nearly trick (m.e.)!!!  It’s a smart one that alien dust moppy thing… that’s for certain… but it can’t out–smart (m.e.)!!  I have incontestable PROOF that it’s an impostor!!!!  It dropped its 100% chicken breast jerky chew in the water bowl!!!  Ha!  Gottcha!  NO Poodle would do that!!!! More later…


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