House of OPCA

Today’s Miss Elita (m.e.) News: “I am Reviewing the Situation…”

The EvidenceThis is what I know: things are not ALWAYS as they appear to be… that is why it is incumbent upon (m.e.) to review the situation.  Perhaps it’s already been reported that there is a 100% certifiable bona fide Poodle Blackmailer villain lurking out there hoping to create all sorts of scandal towards… well… POODLES!!!  I know! It’s scandalous!!  And I have reason to believe such said Poodle Blackmailer villain has it out for me!  There simply can be NO other explanation for certain damning evidence presented in the “Court of Momma” whereby I was accused and found GUILTY of tampering with Momma’s  Rx glasses while being left completely ALONE at home… without Momma, or Dad, or Miss Adele.  I was… to be blunt:  ALL BY MYSELF!!!!  So, things were not as they should ALWAYS be!  On account of things being not as they are ALWAYS meant to be and SUPPOSED to be… it is obvious to (m.e.) that a certain Poodle Blackmailer has targeted me for a frame job knowing I did not have an alibi or other suspicious character to blame…  or maybe… I had a nervous breakdown… because I sure have no recollection of  tampering with Momma’s prized A&E black & white spectacles!  Wonder if I could take a mental insanity plea…

Gotta think this through some more… 


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