House of OPCA

Today’s Miss Elita (m.e.) News: “Holy Flying Fur Ears, BATMAN!”

fb_adeleFlyingFurEarsWell… Oh My!!!  Holy Flying Fur Ears!!  That’s right… it sure was flying fur ears this morning!  My littermate, Miss Adele, was being exceptionally generous way early this morning… on account it’s Christmas (HELLO!!! Did you hear that Momma????  It’s CHRISTMAS and so being exceptionally generous is nearly a requirement!).   So, here it was:  Adele was being real generous and retrieved the entire bag of bully coated sweet potato slices from the guest room cabinet… then well, in order to share it with me, she ripped the bag open and shared ALL the treats with me… it wasn’t an exact one for you and one for me count but it was pretty close. To be true, I sort of lost count as I was enjoying the treats so much that I didn’t really think to keep count.

We were just down to the last two or three remaining SPTs when… there was a booming voice being projected toward us from the threshold… “DROP IT!!!”  Say, what???  The next thing I see is Adele in a fast furry… she grabs two more SPTs of what’s remaining and dashes off!!!  She’s just a blur… and her ears are flying behind her!  So, I take my cue right away… and I grab whatever is still on the floor and I scamper to catch up to “Adeline” (she’s ALWAYS “Adeline” when she’s in trouble…).  But on account that we have to blow past Momma in our get-away…  we get snatched!!! “Sit.  Down.  Drop it.”  We comply on account… well… on account… well that’s not important.  Then Momma gives us the over the eyeglasses look and places her hands on her hips so that she’s “occupying the space” as she calls it…  “No one, and I mean no one   hands out sweet potato treats except (m.e.)!!”  So, that’s what all the fuss is about???  Does that mean it was my responsibility to get the sweet potato treats out of the cabinet and share them with Adele instead of the other way around???

Gotta think this through some more…


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