Bubbles / House of OPCA

Today’s Miss Elita (m.e.) News: How’s this?

I have an idea!  I’ve been thinking seriously about a matter of serious importance.  Perhaps I have mentioned… at some point… that I seriously HATE coats.   Despite my every objection, Momma continues her mad delusions that wearing coats is something I will learn to accept.


Now that snow has fallen,  another set of coats has been brought out… sitting right there next to the leashes!!!  So, I have an idea.  I was thinking… that if I had four tons of glitter, I could attach the glitter to the coat… or… even all of the coats!  That would make the coats irresistible to a particular Super Duper Hero Diva Dog who would then fathom a charitable purpose for the (now) glitter coats and rehome them!!!  Problem solved!!!  No more coats at House of OPCA!!!  Gotta think this through some more…


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