House of OPCA

Today’s Miss Elita (m.e.) News: What I Know…

(m.e.)This is what I know: things do not always go as planned.  Last night Dad and I had really BIG plans… they did not go… well… as planned.  Dad’s plan was to make a really, really special dinner.  My plan was to hang out with Dad in the kitchen keeping a keen eye on things (that might drop) as Dad’s resourceful  soux chef! WELL!!!!  Here I was… being so very helpful… when all of a sudden… in his sweetest voice possible Dad called Adele and (m.e.) over to visit with him in the dining room… and… before one blast of air could breeze by… CLICK!! Dad gated Adele and (m.e.) in the dining room!!!  I bet even Shakespeare didn’t have words for such villainy!

So there I sat… looking through the bars of isolation at Dad while he hustled about in the kitchen with all sorts of delectables… peeling potatoes, slicing onions, and all manner of great kitchen canine activity… when I heard it (brrrvvv) that really didn’t sound good so I slid slowly down to my belly to listen carefully… there it went again… (brrrvvv)… and then… Momma appeared… “Everything alright?” she asked.  Dad’s back was turned so I was not completely certain of the commotion but I heard him say, “Well, I’m not sure.”  At that point I just knew!  Yep, Dad had done it again… too many things in the kitchen (brrvvv) machine and Dad was patiently trying to get whatever was stuck unstuck.  First he tried removing things by bare hands, then out came the big plunger, then the other plunger and Dad heaving & hoeing with first one plunger and then another… for a VERY long time – while water from the sink splashed all over!  Finally Momma  said: “Why don’t you take the pups for a walk?” (YES!!) “And I’ll call Mike to see what can be done.”  So, Adele and I are sent on our merry way with Dad in those darn coats (again) on account it is cold and raining.  (Did I ever mention I HATE coats?!).

Once Adele and I returned, Mr. Mike – the ROCKSTAR – was in the house upside down in the kitchen… he had a HUGE glaring light under the sink.  I can’t know what transpired while Dad had Adele and (m.e.) out for a stroll but when we were all in the kitchen Mr. Mike said, “Nope.  You need a plumber and a new disposal.  If you can… wait it out to Monday, otherwise it’s going to cost you big bucks.”  I could tell this gave Dad a glimmer of relief… ‘cuz now he was not to blame!  The (brrrvvv) machine was just recalcitrant and evil.  So, Mr. Mike said good night – without taking Adele and (m.e.) on a woods adventure on account it was cold and raining and I HATE coats.  Bummer really.  But Dad was on to the next order of kitchen activity and started browning the super thick pork chops for his special dinner… and then he put everything in the oven to cook for two hours just like the paper instructed him to do…  when after a while… Oh No!!!  The whole house is filling up with smoke!  Holy Flying Fur Ears!!!  The noise from the smoke alarm was excruciating!!  I ran to my upstairs crate as fast I could even though I could barely see the way.  Dad came running the opposite direction with a green ladder while Momma tried to fan the loud alarm into silent submission to no avail!!    At last Dad succeeded in silencing the alarm beast while Momma started opening all the windows to let in the cold and rain… Oh Geez! I was praying… please, please, Lord, don’t let her think about putting a coat on (m.e.)!!!  He answered my prayer.  Thank you Lord!

So, after a while… with smoke still whispering in the air… Dad set the table and filled up Momma’s and his plates with something that looked and smelled amazing.  Then… even though there still was smoke clouding my view, and the dining room was icy, I saw Momma sit down at the table and place her napkin on her lap… and she held up her glass with red wine that Dad had poured… and said:  “Here’s to the love of my life! Cheers!”


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