House of OPCA

Today’s Miss Elita (m.e.) News: TAXES!!

Last night Dad was talking about taxes.  I HATE TAXES!!  Taxes mean you have to hand over some of your dough to someone totally unrelated to you and you can’t even consider it a loan & charge interest!!  Being that I just hate taxes so much I think I should be allowed to ignore anything about them… but NO the topic is discussed on account of Dad being tremendously smart with CPA and JD pedigrees!  So??  OKAY! He has champion pedigrees that get framed and put up on a wall… some of which say he’s been admitted as ‘Supreme’ and can practice being ‘Supreme’… but this is what I ask:  Can’t Dad just be ‘Supreme’ where they tell him he is permitted to be ‘Supreme’… like that COURT dog house that is mentioned on his registration papers??

Today, then, I demanded resolution on this matter from Momma.  I told her!  I told her:  “I HATE TAXES!!”  “NO MORE TAXES!!!”  Momma, after hearing my exceptionally clear and well reasoned protest, looked over her glasses at me… raised her eyebrows and said: “Missy,” (Missy!?!), “You better pray & hope there will always be taxes… that taxes are not eliminated… because if there aren’t any taxes then Dad will be out of a job… and if Dad doesn’t have a job, then there are no more sweet potato treats.”  WHAT???? That is so totally unfair!

Gotta think this through some more…

(m.e.) and Dad!


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