Bubbles the Rescue Poodle!Momma has a real sweet spot for a Celebrity Poodle that soirées out and about in Florida.  What’s more… according to Momma…  this poodle is NOT going to grow any taller!!!  That’s really weird… almost quirky.   I’ve never met a poodle that wouldn’t grow to be at least a foot tall… so I was thinking… maybe she got jipped… like her growing genes was stolen from her!  But that’s not the reality.  Apparently, this Celebrity Poodle, with the big fancy title “Bubbles the Rescue Poodle” has such an excessively LARGE personality that she doesn’t NEED to get any taller on account she is a Super Duper Hero Diva Dog!!!  To be true, I think this Super Duper Hero Diva Dog, Bubbles, is W-A-Y – W-A-Y Cool!!!  Oh!  Did I mention that she also likes BLING???!!! That is sooooo AWESOME!!  More later…


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